• Ep 12: Harnessing Thermal Energies For the Skin & Hair
    Hi guys and welcome to this week’s dermatology flash briefing. We’re going to talk about how thermal energies can be harnessed for both skin and the hair in this episode.  Thermal energies for the skin and hair The concept of harnessing thermal energies to manipulate its effects on the skin […]
  • Ep 11: The Science Behind Skin Aging
    Are aesthetic treatments like toxins & fillers truly anti-aging? Are there different requirements in skin of various ages? In this episode, Dr. Teo Wan Lin breaks down the science of skin aging at every age, what ingredients help repair the skin barrier, and shares the truth about starting your anti-ageing […]
  • Ep 10: On Fillers, the COVID-19 Vaccine & Safe Aesthetic Treatments
    Weekly Dermatology Flash Briefing – The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine apparently causes swelling and inflammation in patients with cosmetic facial fillers. The FDA advisory committee reviewing the new Moderna vaccine, has come out to state this very specific side effect that has involved several trial participants who have had cosmetic facial […]
  • Ep 9-Part 3: Aesthetic Treatments and Ageism in Society
    Read Part 1 and Part 2. You don’t have to have Botox to look good at 50 We know that appearances are important. However, to the extent that when you are talking about looking good at 50, looking good in the eyes of the world, then you must have had […]
  • Ep 9-Part 2: Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective on Aging
    Read Part 1 here. The 50 year old who looks 25: Chuando Tan For our international listeners, it’s interesting that just a couple of years back, the internet was awash with news of Singapore’s very own ageless specimen – Chuando Tan. He is a model turn photographer  who is in […]
  • Ep 9-Part 1: Botox and Changing Perceptions of Aging
    Celebrity J Lo caused a bit of a stir amongst a few US dermatologists when she claimed she hasn’t had botox till this day- crediting her 51-year old, wrinkle-less visage to olive oil, notwithstanding her latest skincare line launch. Is there anything wrong with what she said or is she […]
  • Ep 8: Dermatologist’s Take on Acne Positivity
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – The acne positivity skincare movement has taken social media by storm, but should we be glorifying a medical skin condition? Here’s what accredited dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin has to say about #acnepositivity. Chelsea: Hi everyone! In this episode of Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty […]
  • Ep 7: The Science of Metallic Nanoparticles in Textile Cosmeceuticals
    Biofunctional textiles have been used to treat eczema with its bactericidal effects. Incorporation of metallic nanoparticles in textiles can treat the skin microbiome in various dermatological conditions. Zinc nanoparticles are anti-inflammatory, regulate sebum and have bactericidal properties. Textile cosmeceuticals are relevant for skin health in a post-COVID-19 world, addressing the […]
  • Ep 6: Dermatologist Tips for Sensitive Skin
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – What exactly is sensitive skin? Is it a common skincare issue, or a medical diagnosis? Join us in this episode as we tackle these questions about sensitive skin, chat about what to look out for in products for sensitive skin, and whether on not there […]
  • Ep 5: On Pigmentation, Skincare Faux Pas and Stem Cell Research
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – Is pigmentation a marker of skin aging? What is the number one skincare habit everyone should have? What is a big beauty faux pas? Join us in this episode as we tackle these common skincare questions.  Dr. Teo Wan Lin, who was also featured in […]
  • Ep 4: Maskne, the Skin Microclimate, and Photoprotection
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – Join us in this episode to learn about the specific skin microclimate that wearing a face mask creates— exacerbating pre-existing skin conditions and creating the perfect environment for maskne. Microbiome dysbiosis – an imbalance in healthy skin bacteria which plays a role in many dermatological […]
  • Ep 3: The Science Behind Home Facial Technologies
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – Today, one of the latest trends in the beauty industry is home facial technologies, especially relevant now that we’re at home more. In this episode, we go through the the science behind technologies such as vacuum microdermabrasion, radio frequency, EMS, and physical microdermabrasion.   Chelsea: […]
  • Ep 2: ‘Maskne’ – How to Treat Breakouts Under Your Mask
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – As the world shifts to the use of face masks to help curb the COVID-19 pandemic, a form of acne mechanica – ‘Maskne’ – has become more widespread. Dr. Teo Wan Lin discusses her latest research paper which is due to be published in the […]
  • Ep 1: How COVID 19 is Changing the World of Beauty, Skincare, and Dermatology
    Dermatology Weekly Flash Briefing – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, individually and collectively. It will likely change the world,  including the beauty, skincare, and dermatology industry. So what can we expect moving forward? Dr. Teo Wan Lin, accredited dermatologist, speaks on how the industry has changed in […]