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8 Adult Coloring Books for Relaxation, Stress, Mental Wellness

Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is a beauty podcast and publisher of adult coloring books headquartered in Singapore. PHYGIART is an art therapy focus initiative by the beauty podcast to promote total mind-body wellness through imagination therapy. The launch series features 8 adult coloring books. These adult coloring books are designed to enhance neuroplasticity based on the science of neuroaesthetics. Neuroaesthetics is the study of how the brain perceives beauty. Neuroplasticity is a key component of mental health and wellness, as a tool to improve emotional and mental resilience. 

Printable Adult Coloring Books

PHYGIART Adult Coloring Books for Relaxation

Adult Coloring Book Paperback: Available on Amazon KDP Direct Publishing 

Amazon Kindle Imagination Therapy

Printable Adult Coloring Pages PDF Download: 

Phygital Coloring Experience
With special effects digitally remastered for home printers in high quality monochrome. Ideal for printing as original artwork masterpieces on high GSM art paper for customised illustrations.

The specialty adult coloring book publisher for premium coloring books. Created by Dr.Teo Wan Lin based on the principles of neuroaesthetics harnessing the power of the brain’s ability to perceive beauty in order to enhance neuroplasticity and improve brain resilience. Based on her white paper on the brain-skin connection which highlights important psychological traits that impact the aging process, “On Thoughts, Emotions, Facial Expressions and Aging” published in the International Journal of Dermatology in 2021. 

Publisher of Specialty Adult Coloring Books 

Adult Coloring Books are proven in psychological therapy to improve mood, enhance a state of relaxation and reduce stress, anxiety. The coloring book series by Dr.TWL specifically harnesses organic lines, shapes, intuitive finger drawing to enhance beneficial visual-cognitive-emotional pathways. Innovative coloring techniques such as reverse coloring on black pages, grayscale coloring enhances neuroplasticity.

The adult coloring books are drawn and created by Dr.TWL herself, as relaxation and wellness tools for a post-pandemic world. In addition, elements of kawaii anime incorporated in horror beauty, fantasy and surrealism translate into innovative art forms. Line drawing, abstract art and reverse coloring on black pages engage your mind encoring neuroplasticity and brain resilience. The coloring books created specially for adults improve creativity, memory, cognition and mental clarity. 

Struggling with brain fog? Allow your emotional frustrations to manifest as colourful works of art. The reverse coloring techniques employed in the book allows for creative expression by users of all skill levels, ranging from simple organic lines 

Secret Garden + Crazy Art Adult Coloring Books
Butterfly Games + Reverse Adult Coloring Book

Explore the world of the surreal and fantasy. In “Theatre of the Fantasising Mannequin” explore an adult coloring book with dream-like still life compositions with butterflies, unicorns and everyday objects. Designed as a puzzle book, this brain game incorporates word riddles to enhance word recall in a bizarre, humorous way for hours of coloring entertainment. 

A Living Self-Portrait of Your Mind

Get the downloadable PDF coloring pages for visually stunning customised self-portraits in a surreal landscape to print on art paper. In addition, special effects optimised for black and white home printers create a gorgeous slate background that you can color on with white, pastel, neon gels and paint! Frame your masterpiece at the end of this cathartic journey. 

Horror Beauty Adult Coloring Book

Come Halloween or for Horror Beauty Lovers all year round, discover horror beauty in our series of Creepy Kawaii CHIBI Horror Adult Coloring Books with the kawaii protagonist Dr.TWL journeying with you through the dark recesses of your mind. Engage your conscious and subconscious fears and anxieties in a creepy cute way. Enjoy the juxtaposition of dark poetry and horrifying tales through the lens of a voyeur of your own mind – while you bring the illustrations alive with colors.

How to Fight Brain Fog:

A Science-backed Way to Relax Your Mind and Mood with Adult Coloring Books

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Beauty & the Brain: Experience a 60-day course harnessing the power of neuroaesthetics for mental clarity. A collection of 60 curated illustrations spanning the genres of feminine art and dreamscapes of secret gardens, enter the realm of surreal naive art coloured by your own mind as a therapeutic escape from your worries and anxieties. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are PHYGIART’s adult coloring books different from others?

This series of activity books designed by Dr.TWL based on research in neuroaesthetics specifically activates parts of the brain related to appreciation of visual arts. 

The Science of Beauty in Neuroaesthetics

The adult coloring books feature specific elements of art appreciation as part of stimulating the visual-cognitive-emotional connections responsible for mental wellness. Specifically, beauty in art aesthetics induces a state of psychological well-being. It also incorporates innovative techniques such as reverse coloring on black, using a mix of virtual reality and physical art to engage more parts of the thinking and emotional brain. These are all techniques based on neuroaesthetics – harnessing the brain’s ability to perceive visual beauty to improve mental wellness.

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Imagination Therapy: It also includes elements of imagination therapy vs traditional coloring books. Users are allowed to reverse color as opposed to coloring within the lines only. In addition, we encourage them to think out of the box. Depression and many mental illnesses often associates with tunnel vision. Linked to the brain’s inability to explore possibilities. The result of feeling mentally trapped can lead to worsening depression and anxiety. 

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What are the best selling adult coloring books?

Through the use of curated illustrations featuring patterns and nature-inspired garden dreamscapes, The Secret Garden Adult Coloring Book allows for quiet meditation while our mind responds to beautiful fractals present in nature imagery. 

In the Horror Beauty Series, the adult coloring books contain a mix of original illustrations that explore painful emotions like fear anxiety, depression and frustrations. Inspired by the CREEPY KAWAII trend of horror coloring books, the protagonist journeys through dark poetry into haunted scenes and dreams.

Finally, escape into the surreal dreamscape with a meditating Metaverse Mannequin in 4-D. Trace the path of a migrating monarch butterfly, following your thoughts… allow your emotions to stabilise. Discover a new way of engaging your visual mind an imagination with a different kind of Dot-to-Dot reverse coloring experience. Finally, play a brain game with the butterfly in a world of illusions. 

Butterfly Brain Games
Beat Brain Fog!
Art on a Metaverse Mannequin
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What is best for adults to color with?

Traditional color pencils work well for adults as well as children. A wider array of colors may be more attractive to adults who are also skilled in identifying the different shades. Colors can significantly improve mood. Brighter colors associates with having a brighter disposition. As a form of imagination therapy, we encourage users to freely explore all media. Our paper back adult coloring books are made for use with traditional color pencils, pastels. 

Our printable assets are available for high resolution printing coloring pages at home or specialty stores on fancy art paper. For this, a wider range including paints can be applied. The Metaverse Mannequin series allows for novel phygital media coloring, a thought-provoking blend of physical and digital coloring experiences to heighten awareness and increase brain neuroplasticity. 

 A well designed adult coloring book is the ideal self-guided imagination therapy tool. 

The Science of Beauty & the Art of Expression With Dr.TWL 

The Asian Beauty Podcast to Listen To

Headed by accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, the beauty podcast goes in depth into the world of beauty. Covering dermatological conditions like acne treatment, eczema and sensitive skin, the educational podcast aims to make dermatologist’s advice relevant to the layperson. In this beauty podcast, Dr. Teo Wan Lin, known for her authentic voice and expertise, frequently shares her research on the Brain-Skin-Connection and the Gut-Skin Axis. As the premier beauty focussed podcast in Asia led by a dermatologist, the podcast has collaborated with international brands including Laneige, SkinCeuticals, Eucerin, Loreal, FOREO and Dior.

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