Acne Treatment & Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin

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Dr. Teo answers the most common questions about skincare for acne and maskne in the Clozette x Mentholatum Acnes IG live. She shares her thoughts on which ingredients are best when it comes to oily, acne-prone skincare.

Chemical or natural ingredients?

“As to whether chemical or natural ingredients are preferred in our skincare formulations, the answer is to focus on whether the active ingredient itself is evidence-based. Some of the examples of naturally-derived active ingredients that are beneficial, come in the form of potent plant-based antioxidants. Chemical ingredients that are beneficial include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol and retinoids. While these are all synthetic chemical structures, they have proven in studies to have beneficial effects in acne.

Should we let our acne “breathe”?

“A simple way to think about it is this. If you don’t have inflammed acne, then it is important for your skin to have some sort of breathability in terms of moisture-wicking comfort levels. Also because the presence and retention of heat and sweat can become a bacteria breeding ground. However, of you already have an inflammed acne bump, creating a moist wound healing environment can help to reduce inflammation. An example of this would be the hydrocolloid patches, or acne patches that can be applied over inflammed acne papules. These are examples of how moist healing environments can actually help the healing of acne.”

Should you pop your pimples?

“Popping a pimple is always a bad idea because it can get more inflammed. You’re also using your fingers to touch your skin which can introduce bacteria infections. What I suggest is this. If you can see that a pimple is coming to a head, after a warm shower, gently use a moist cotton pad and press aroudn the acne pustule until the contents are expressed. If this is not successful, certainly don’t use pressure to remove the bump- that’s going to cause even more inflammation and scarring.”