Dior Prestige Le Nectar Premier: The First Rose, Pure Like First Love

The Dior Prestige Le Nectar Premier encapsulates the earliest blooms of the beloved Rose de Granville—a serum derived from patented solvent-free eco-extraction techniques. Backed by an international team of over 600 Dior Science researchers at the LVMH institute, the serum concentrates the purest extracts for maximal efficacy—targeting fine lines, volume loss and skin dullness in a single step, addressing all major signs of photoaging with a holistic botanical formula.

Le Nectar Premier
Photo: Dior

This week’s episode focuses on the science behind photoaging. I’ll also address how botanical formulations can address underlying inflammaging processes holistically, reducing signs of aging such as dull skin, hyperpigmentation and irregular texture.

Rose de Ganville
Photo: Dior

Science of Photoaging

Let’s begin with what dermatologists term the skin exposome concept. The exposome refers to both environmental and biological processes that influence cell aging. Throughout our lifespan, cells work constantly to repair damage sustained day to day. This includes UV radiation, airborne pollution and exposure to carcinogens result in mutations. The body’s natural physiological processes actively target these abnormal cells, engulfing them before they have the chance to turn into cancerous growths—a process known as apoptosis.

However, as one grows older, this balance of protective mechanisms vs environmental damage is lost. Cells become fatigued, resulting in what is known as cell senescence. A gradual falling asleep that ultimately leads to an inability to clear out abnormal cells. This is what eventually causes hyperpigmentation and dullness. On the top-most layer of skin, also known as the stratum corneum, dead skin cells begin to accumulate as the skin cycle lengthens. Skin shedding is the body’s natural exfoliation mechanism which allows new cells to regenerate, revealing radiant, healthy skin. The loss of cell energy within the mitochondria also means that the body will be unable to clear excess melanin pigment. As a result, there is an accumulation of melanin and the development of hyperpigmentation. Collagen production also slows down, leading to skin sagging and wrinkle formation.

Rosapeptide Premier from Dior Prestige

Dior Prestige Rosapeptide Premier
Photo: Dior

The Rosapeptide Premier formulation from Dior Prestige contains 99 molecules that targets the 3 critical signs of aging. Namely, these are skin volume, texture and radiance. At the heart of which is the phytochemical-rich composition derived from the earliest Rose de Granville buds. Picked precisely in the week before full bloom, the buds undergo solvent-free extraction processes that utilise water innate to the blooms—combined with Rosapeptide, a 99 molecule-rich extract that results in perfect synergy, a protective anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and nourishing concentrate that targets all major signs of skin aging, revealing smooth, radiant, plump and elastic skin from the inside out. 

Dior Prestige Collection
Photo: Dior

The Dior Prestige collection is a complete range featuring precious Rosapeptide, derived from Rose de Granville—the first rose from Monsieur Christian Dior’s garden, the heart of beauty. Available here.

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