Philosophy of Beauty

Poetry For The Soul

Here is a collection of poetry written by Dr. Teo Wan Lin about her reflections on beauty. As a naturalist, she draws inspiration from the world of plants, insects and botany for her writings.

She hopes it will bring beauty to your soul.


No one took a second look at me
I was all of a fierce green brown and yellow
My body creeping on the ground
And up I went upon the thick green trunks
Alas upon a leaf I found my rest
There … I could feast!

So I ate and ate
One day I found myself too heavy
My lids too began to droop
Where would I find a place
I wondered
Away from those monstrous winged creatures of the sky!

I wandered a little..
And there as if someone had known
Was a cocoon prepared right in front of me!
I crept into it just moments before I lost my last strength
And I fell asleep..

In my dream
There was a garden
A splash of vivid crimsons violets and sky blues
I saw the most brilliant creatures
Fluttering rainbow coloured wings
Of myriad hues and patterns
I was jealous !
Now if the brown yellow and green on me
Would just grow wings and fly!

It got colder and colder in the cocoon
And I fell into the deepest sleep
I would have thought
That I had died.
I found my body oh so stiff , as I cracked my bones
I realised I had aged.

Memories of my childhood came back to me
Without mother or father,
I learnt the ways of the garden
Alone on my own.
There I had also seen those beautiful wings
Of the heavenly creatures
I would never be
As I crawled on my belly.

My dreams ended one fateful day in that cocoon.
When I grew too tired and stiff to think.
I took a look at my body, it was a skeleton I could not recognise.
It became clear that I would no longer be the same, and there I breathed my last.

Before I bid thee adieu
Let me tell of a wonder
One bright morning
I stretched my paper- thin wings
I opened my eyes
And Lo ! They were yellow green and brown
My heart fluttered a little
Could this really be?
I lay still a while
Moving those wings
And then I soared.