Night Skincare Routine – Targeted Treatment for Wrinkles and Pores

Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an accredited dermatologist practising at TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Centre in Singapore. She has collaborated with LANEIGE for this series of educational articles and digital skincare masterclasses. In her first masterclass on the relevance of a day skincare routine, she shares about the science behind the botanical ingredients in the Perfect Renew Youth Regenerator and how they benefit the skin. She elaborates on the relevance of pure retinol as the gold standard in anti-aging skincare in her podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty, available on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.

In part two of the digital skincare masterclass, she teaches the science behind skin aging of the periorbital area. Expanding on how dermocosmetic ingredients in your eye cream can both treat and prevent skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles in the delicate eye skin. In this article, she goes in-depth into how one can build a night skincare routine for targeted treatment for wrinkles and pores.

The ideal retinol formula

Research in retinols performed by the Amore pacific R&D Centre for the last 27 years is widely accepted to be the international gold standard in dermatology research. This has culminated in a 95% pure retinol formula that is more effectively absorbed and works faster on skin. This is as opposed to retinol derivatives in traditional cosmetic formulas. The benefit of the Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Eye Cream is actually in its highly tolerable formulation. This means you can use it over the entire face. Especially over the areas prone to static wrinkles, including the eye area – with minimal risk of skin irritation.

Perfect Renew Eye Cream for Face as part of the night skincare routine

Science behind the ingredients

There are 6 active ingredients in the Perfect Renew Youth Retinol eye cream. Retinol is one of the main ingredients. However, it is also the potent combination with other five ingredients that synergizes with the active retinol molecule. This makes this Perfect Renew Youth Retinol outstanding in terms of its dermocosmetic function.

For example, the hyaluronic acid ingredient it contains is a five d complex multi-weighted molecular form of hyaluronic acid. The sensitive periorbital skin readily absorbs this form of hyaluronic acid. This results in immediate plumpness to the delicate under-eye area that is prone to fine lines and wrinkles that form due to barrier dysfunction with increased age.

Tri-peptide is a non-irritating, retinoid-like molecule that further boosts the function of retinol. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for the dark spots on your skin. Tranexamic acid is a potent anti-pigmentation ingredient that can inhibit the production of melanin, reducing the chance of hyperpigmentation around the periorbital skin.

The glyco extract™ is the patented formula by LANEIGE’s parent company, the Amore Pacific R&D Group, which ensures stable and effective absorption of potent antioxidants. These antioxidants include centella asiatica, and especially Madecassoside, which has the ability to lighten scars and also reverse oxidative stress. This prevents skin damage and premature skin aging.

Deep repair for skin regeneration – cell energy restoration in your night skincare routine

The Perfect Renew Youth Regenerating Cream has the formulation of an ideal night face cream with the following active ingredients. Acerola extract, also known as the Superberry antioxidant and glutathione. Additionally, it also contains Achillea millefolium (also known as yarrow extract) which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce skin redness and flaking.

Furthermore, it contains adenosine which replenishes cell energy in a moisturising base with humectants like glycerin. Humectants prevent transepidermal water loss, trapping water in your skin while you sleep. This allows the active dermocosmetics to deeply penetrate the skin to restore and repair.


Finally, I always recommend masking on at least a weekly or even nightly basis. Face masks are a vital part of your night skincare routine. To illustrate, the process of wet occlusion therapy – which is what face masks are based on – enhances absorption and penetration of active ingredients to repair the skin barrier. This is because we know that when your skin is in contact with a wet material, it increases the absorption of the topicals applied. This is the same concept when you’re applying a face mask. Furthermore, it’s able to stimulate beneficial antioxidant activity in the dermis. To illustrate, it’s able to fight environmental damage that has occurred in the daytime.

This masterclass episode is sponsored by LANEIGE as a joint collaboration to create scientific educational content relevant to skincare and dermatology. Images produced as part of editorial collaboration consistent with site policy.

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