Sensitive Skin Dermatologist

Gilette Venus Sensitive Razor Expert Dermatologist

In 2019, Dr. Teo was featured as the expert medical dermatologist on sensitive skin for the launch of Gilette Venus Sensitive Razor in Singapore. 

In this Gilette Venus feature, Dr. Teo a sensitive skin expert, shares her best tips on shaving.

“Sensitive skin is characterized by episodes of redness, flaking and sensations such as stinging and burning. Common problems encountered when shaving would be colloquially known as “razor bumps” and “razor rashes”. There are now shavers with built-in strips of moisture and skin lubricants which are released during the process of shaving.

Look for a shaver with more blades. This can minimise pull and tug on sensitive skin. An ergonomic handle will also ensure that the entire shaving process is efficient and gentle. Also, it’s important to remember to keep your skin well moisturized before and after shaving for optimal comfort.”

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