Website Terms & Conditions

Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is a podcast platform that strives to promote public education of skin health and skin care via discussion of evidence-based science. The platform adopts a rigorous examination of scientific literature such as PubMed publications as the basis for discussions, which are in no way intended to represent or advertise any form of personal testimonials.

Brand collaborations on the podcast platform are for the purposes of advancing scientific education in skincare and may contain product information provided by a third party. These do not construe dermatologist’s endorsement nor any form of recommendation of the associated product(s) or third parties.

The above applies to all content and images produced for promotion of podcast material, which may be disseminated in any form by brands or individuals on social media platforms. Images shot with product(s) are in the context of advertorial features and do not constitute dermatologist’s endorsement or approval.